About Us

Our family came from the Panhandle of Texas. We were born and raised in generational farming and ranching. As most young people do, we went to start careers and make our mark. And we have, we are returning to our roots, farming and ranching.

Our 121 acre ranch, Hutton 3 Cattle Company, is located between San Augustine and Center, Texas, near the famed Bland Lake. Our ranch has a generational ranching history, which provides a continuity to our message, raising quality Longhorns with reverence to the land. We are keenly aware that we are stewards of the the land and approach our vision in that manner.

We selected 10 registered Longhorn heifers from the Rocking O Ranch in Lockhart, Texas, the 2020 Breeder of the Year (Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of Americas Dave Evans Award), to begin our herd. As our female heifers matured, we purchased a quality registered bull from Sand Hills Ranch, in Louisiana.

We are presently raising and developing quality Longhorns to sell.

Welcome to the Hutton 3 Cattle Company.